Puréfi's Commitment to Orange County, California.

Our team of "Clean Air" specialists are dedicated to improving the indoor air quality of every building in Orange County. We do this by working with one of the most proven and effective technology available.

Puréfi, The Air & Surface Defender™ is headquartered in Laguna Niguel, and is dedicated to educating and helping each and every O.C. resident, business, school, church, charitable organization and more, to breathe in the very cleanest of air possible. We strive to give back to all communities where our valued and passionate employees live and work. This is what we are called to do, not only in these very challenging times, but each and every day. Our commitment of giving back to local nonprofits through a variety of creative ways keeps us grounded and centered in His name, as we walk through this life adding value to society, self, and others.

How This Started

In 1995 my parents met a Minnesota farmer who was on a work/vacation in California. My Dad was raising livestock in Hemet at the time and was searching for help with air quality problems in a hatchery. The farmer was selling what my dad called a "Fan in a Box." It looked like a 1970's music speaker. The farmer said it was a thunderstorm in a box and cleaned indoor air the same way Mother Nature does with wave patterns, wind, sun, oxygen, etc. Dad bought the unit and in a matter of days the hatchery air problems were gone, and he was so impressed he became a distributor (this was all before I was born!). Our family has had this technology in our home ever since, and we have shared it with everyone we know. We service all of Orange Country, CA from La Habra in the north to San Clemente in the south.

We are a proud to be an Authorized Aerus Air Purifier Distributor

When You Partner with Us, Expect the Very Best:

Our mission is to provide the highest quality air purification systems for all indoor spaces across the county, whether they be residential, commercial, government, retail, industrial, multi-family, hotels, or health services. We are dedicated to promoting a healthy and safe environment for all.

Now more than ever, clean air in the place you live and work is vital to your health. Our team is fully dedicated to delivering unprecedented customer service, superior products, unparalleled attentiveness, and pro-active air quality solutions.

Our products are Designed, engineered, and developed in America, backed by 'Industry-Best' Warranties, and we proudly stand behind all of our products!

Our Unique, Professional, and Second-to-None Customer Experience  includes our "Meticulous" Delivery, Service, and optional Ongoing Maintenance Program. Puréfi Aerus Distributor is a Trusted Local Company with excellent partner relationships, and we are committed to helping our local economy safely reopen and remove Covid-19 from all indoor spaces.

When Only the Best Will Do, choose NASA-Based Air Technology to get the job done right!

Our air systems are safe for adults, children & pets.

Kaeli Wilson, CEO Puréfi

Aerus is a manufacturer and distributor of Healthy Home Products in over 500 locations in North America. From state-of-the-art floor care systems to air and water purification systems, Aerus creates clean, safe and healthy indoor environments for over 50 million businesses and homes in the U.S. and Canada.

Originally established in 1924 as Electrolux, we began our journey into Healthy Home and Business Products with the first tank vacuum model, introduced by Gustaf Sahlin. This tank (also known as a canister) design became an overnight sensation and remains a standard of excellence for floor care products.

The popular Electrolux vacuum cleaner, Model XXX, was created in 1937 and after selling nearly 14 million units, was retired in 1954 and later recognized by the Smithsonian Institute as a top 100 U.S. product. In 2000, we transitioned from our floor care roots with Electrolux to offer a full line of innovative Healthy Home and Business Products (including air and water purification systems) as Aerus.

Along with top-quality products, we are also proud to bring you superior customer service. Our Franchise Owners and Sales Representatives are committed to providing the best service - not just in our industry, but across every industry. We want our Aerus products to be synonymous with guaranteed customer satisfaction and the kind of customer service that makes you an Aerus customer for life.

As America's Healthy Home and Business Experts for over 90 years, Aerus strives to develop innovative products with forward-thinking technology for millions of homes and businesses across North America.

World Renowned Legacy

Since our beginning as Electrolux in the USA in 1924, Aerus® has been known as an industry leader in creating healthy environments and providing reliable lifetime service. Our legacy is renowned for friendly, unparalleled customer service and products you can rely on.

ActivePure® Technology Story

ActivePure® Technology is developed and owned by Aerus Holdings and distributed exclusively by its affiliate companies. ActivePure® Technology is an air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation, and it is a Certified Space Technology that works to 24/7 clean and protect air and surfaces.



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